Repose 3’x10′ Graphite Pencil on Paper.

Early in the Fall of 2010 semester, I knew that I would have a chance to participate in a gallery show for transferring students.  It was, in part, an extension of my portfolio building class and organized by most of the same faculty.  The end result was a collection of work coming from most of the same people I spent many critique sessions with throughout the semester.  By the spring, I was coming down the wire for developing my idea and creating a piece for the show.

The theme of the show was ‘Becoming’ and with that I ran straight back into my past.  I had already done a gallery piece in the past that was a large scale drawing, and I knew I wanted to continue working on that scale.  My thoughts were immediately swept back up into my time in Iraq and the men I served with.  I sorted through various images from my time there and one of the photos I had fit the mentality I wanted to portray and develop further.

My main focus with this series is creating images from my past that builds a sense of the moment at hand.  From the photographs that we took while in a foreign land, trying to stay alive for just one more day.  The moments are blown up, cropped and shown as true as I can recreate them, on a scale that forces the viewer to become a part of it.

With me in the photo for scale:


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