Self in Iraq

Self Portrait in Iraq 36″x24″ Graphite Pencil on Paper

I created this piece in the build up and concept stages of my more completed drawing, Borrowed Time.  The entire purpose of the drawing was to show that I could indeed draw at a life sized scale and pull off a convincing level of detail.  It helped me to bridge the gap between my earlier biggest works being no larger than a standard 18×24″ drawing pad, and the new full sized large scale wall drawings I would be moving to.

The piece took around 2 hours to complete against my living room wall and made it possible for me to think on an exponentially larger scale than I had before.  It also helped me find a proper placement within the gallery for the finished work as I had a much better understanding of just how large the final drawing would be.

This image also comes directly from my time in Iraq, one of the many photos I took of myself to send home to my wife.  The actual photo has sat in a frame on one of our end tables in the living room to this day.


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