Visual Journalism, Classes, and Signatures

Classes have begun at long last!  The week was full of all manner of different work, traffic, and a LOT of walking.  I capped it all off with my first day of Visual Illustration on Friday.  The class was spent around the Inner Harbor in Baltimore at the Grand Prix.  It was a lot of fun just walking around and people watching.  Drawing those people was a lot of fun too!  I was even able to meet one of the drivers, Simona De Silvestro!  She even signed the sketch that I was working on of her car and trailer.

Her signature is in the upper left.

There was also a photographer that my instructor Shadra Strickland found while at the event who took photos of the class and some of the artwork to feature on his Indy car blog.  It will be really interesting to see classwork like this being featured elsewhere.

I suspect I’m going to have a really great time with this course.  Not to mention my other illustration course, which is a little more straight forward.

Expect a lot of new work in the coming months.


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