Baltimore Book Festival

Another Visual Journalism outing a new part of the city to explore and a little bit of adventure thrown into the mix.

The rain did all it could to keep me from getting anything worthwhile out of the day, but thankfully I was able to find a few dry spots and a seat here and there that wasn’t completely drenched.  I started off in the Peabody Library, where the image above came from, and moved out into the monument area afterward where I snagged a few sketches while out and about in the tent city that had been set up.

I finished up the day trying to catch some conversation going on around me on paper, going more for the general feel of the area and the people I was around.  The above was an exchange that was going on between two of the event organizers.  One being a very boisterous personality welcoming people, and generally getting on with those he recognized and going back to his conversation.  It was part of the exercise of the day, but with all the rain and how hard it was coming down, this was about all I could make out for most of the day.

Maybe the next location will have less rain…


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