Camden Yards

Watercolor on 11×14″ paper, Photoshop

I haven’t spent a lot of time in MLB ballparks, but one of my fondest memories as a kid was the one and only time I’ve been to Fenway.  We took a bus into town and I hardly remember watching any of the game.  I don’t even remember how old I was at the time.  It’s always been the seminal father/son moment from my childhood and has stood the test of time and life.

Ink on paper

While I wasn’t able to take in a game, I was able to get into Camden Yards in Baltimore for a few hours of access to the stadium.  The Orioles had just finished their season up a week or two prior and there wasn’t much happening past a little field maintenance early on, but a MASN field day that was a lot of fun to watch as people tried to live out their big league dreams and act like a kid again.

Original Watercolors

Maybe next season I’ll have a little time to catch a game and really get the true Camden Yards experience!


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