Libyan Liberation Editorial

Liberation – 8″x8″ Ink on Bristol

This piece was an editorial project I put together based around an article on the Libyan rebellion.  It was still earlier in the conflict, I believe it was around the time of the fall of Tripoli.  Things developed so quickly in the last few months it’s hard to tell what exactly was going on at the time I created this piece.

I was interested in playing with the line weight and style through this piece and developing a little more on my wash technique.  This piece also made me realize that I needed to invest in some heavier paper/illustration board.  After a chat with Sterling Hundley at SPX a week or so after finishing this, I went out and picked some up and it really helped with both my portrait and poster.


2 thoughts on “Libyan Liberation Editorial

    • It sort of has double meaning, especially for cultures that see it as a peace sign. For many it’s the “V for Victory”. There is definitely a peace through sacrifice of war angle though. That sort of peace and change doesn’t happen without it in countries with oppressive governments and dictators.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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