Penn Station, Baltimore

Spent a day at Penn Station in Baltimore last Friday drawing the constantly shifting and changing crowd and staff.  It’s fun to try and catch a likeness in a matter of minutes or in some cases seconds.  This is the start of a new sketchbook and a break from the white paper sketchbooks from the past.  I’ve done toned paper work before and loved to work that way so this change isn’t completely new to me. 

The above was the last of the fully charcoal drawings for the day.  I started off using charcoal pencils but wanting to make use of both sides of the paper, I decided to replace the black which was transferring to the following page with a Pentel brush pen instead.  I can achieve some of the same grainy texture when using the brush pen quickly and can tighten things up more.  It also works nicely with the white.  I’ve been using it in this sketchbook since.

You can see some of the charcoal transfer in the drawing above.  It was also the first of the brush pen/white charcoal drawings.  The brush pen was used here with only line work in mind.  Staff are a little easier to use as a subject when out and about.  They usually don’t move around too much and if they do they come back to their spot soon enough!

Trying to catch a passage of time in a spot is harder to manage.  Above was my attempt at creating time within a single place.  The lady pulling her baggage is an echo of a few seconds earlier than her final placement within the drawing.  I had more fun doing the seconds long sketches as people passed through Dunkin Donuts though.

My favorite drawing of the day is easily the police dog that was on patrol late in the day.  He was a beauty of a German Sheppard and really made me smile at how attentive he was while in service mode.

I always like to draw when I’m actually traveling too.  People don’t really expect to be drawn so you can really catch true moments at times like these.

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