It’s behind you! Hurry before it…

It’s an entire narrative in six words. ‘It’s behind you!  Hurry before it…’  For this piece, that’s the only bit of information I had to work from.  The only stipulation was that it had to incorporate watercolor in some way.  I had a long and drawn out trip through my sketchbook trying build this micro-story into a realized illustration.

The image at top is the final piece for the project.  I went with a strong shape driven piece with a lot of space for experimentation with the watercolor.  I haven’t spent very much time working in watercolor, so keeping things loose enough for me to explore it and still come away with a successful image was important from the start.

This design was the very first idea I came away with when my pencil hit the paper  in my sketchbook, but from that initial inspiration I chased the rabbit further and further down until I was completely off in a new (yet unannounced, so you won’t find those sketches here!) world for an entirely different project!  I eventually found myself so deep into the new project trying to tie it together to this piece that I had to simplify my thinking and get an idea to finished.

The execution of the final piece was straightforward with lines done lightly in pencil at first and ink laid over top with a black Sharpie Pen.  The figure came out fluidly as the story solidified in my head.  The small details, hat and patches, added a lot of character to the entire story that only came out as I passed over those areas.  Colors I had in mind from inception and laid them in loosely.

I’ve already done another illustration based around this character and story, and I suspect that I will continue them.  It’s a fun and playful exploration of storytelling through images and allows me to play in a medium I don’t get enough time with.

Stay tuned for the next part of the story!


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