With a Mournful Howl, It Pursued.

This piece was a continuation of the work I did for my ‘It’s behind you!’ illustration.  After getting reactions for that piece, I knew that I wanted to continue working in a more narrative and stylized fashion and to keep this character going.  The entire set up allowed me to play in a medium and manner that I’m not accustomed to and keeps things enjoyable and fun.

For this piece I was going in with a specific color to use as the main inspiration.  This becomes very evident when you start to look at the concept stages for it.  I knew that I wanted to make the thief more prominent in this one, and that I wanted to have him chased by some sort of monster.  I did originally consider working more with the first narrative to build upon a single story, but after one page of sketching, I decided that it could be more interesting to allow each illustration to stand alone as it’s own story.  I thought that a pumpkin monster would be appropriate, but in all of the sketches, I couldn’t get it to feel quite right.  Eventually I settled on changing it up for a werewolf and the rest of the image fell into place.  It was a matter of a few more quick sketches and a super small thumbnail and I was ready to execute.

The blacks and line work were laid in using ink.  The colors went in fluidly enough and maintained a monotone color with some nice variation in texture and shades throughout it.  To texture the moon and ground I used a little salt as the watercolor dried.  The sky was put together in a painterly style as I layered colors in.

The story was written after the piece was finished in a nice change up from the last one where the story was the main inspiration.  These little micro-stories are increasingly fun to do and will be something I continue well into the future as I build upon this character and others as I explore this new avenue of creativity.


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