Bentley, 11″x14″ white charcoal and Pentel brush pen

A friend asked if I could do a quick commission piece as a gift, having seen how often I draw my own dogs, he wanted to get a piece done for his friend whose dog had recently passed.

The style I’ve been working in recently for toned paper has a lot of potential for animal drawings as it really lends itself to creating fur textures and patterns in short order.  It also allows me to pick out the important details after getting the shapes roughed out with the whites.  With the paper taking place of working in midtone, these sort of drawings go quickly if you can plan them out a little during the white sketch.  I played up the charcoal here as well using it very heavily and letting the hatch come through as a fade and to help frame the dog more.

The ink work is really where the form comes together though and I try to use it as sparsely as possible on animals so that just the important features are framed to give a good sense of shape.

I always love working on animal drawings, especially dogs.  Might need to do some more stuff like this soon as a little mental break from the more serious stuff I’ve been working on of late.

2 thoughts on “Bentley

  1. Thanks for doing that for us, love. It’s actually for our brother-in-law. I can’t wait to get it framed and give it to him. I’ll let you know how he reacts. You are amazing (can’t reiterate that enough).

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