A is for Abrams

A is for Abrams – 14″x11″ Graphite on Bristol, Digital and Handdrawn text.

This came from a quick idea on an alphabet book I had that I just had to explore more.  The idea was to present people with a quirky new way of exploring military hardware and weapons through one of the simplest formats possible.

The book would be directed toward teens and adults, as well as military families.  A short description and any useful stats would be on each page and help people learn a little more about the vehicles and weapon systems employed by the military today. 

I also like that the drawing stands alone just fine.  This could open up a variety of applications for each and give me a little more flexibility of the end product, be it this book or a print or mugs or whatever.

I’m hoping to explore this idea further if I can find the time to commit to it.  So stay tuned for what I hope will turn into something even larger!


5 thoughts on “A is for Abrams

  1. I’ve had some additional time to think this project through and will be making some shifts in format that I believe will really help it become more viable in the long term 🙂 Stay tuned.

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