US Naval Academy Wind Quintet

Naval Academy Wind Quintet – Pentel Brush Pen and White Charcoal pencil on Toned Paper 11″x14″

From left to right: MUC Dembowski, MUCM Hanner, MU1 Morton, MU1 Madsen, MUC Valerio

In December while working on a visual journalism project, I had the chance to sit down at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and listen to the US Naval Academy Wind Quintet perform for the families and service members who were there for their various appointments.  I sat down and took advantage of the the scene and took a little time to draw as I listened to the holiday themed music.  When I finished drawing I introduced myself and shared the drawing with them, getting their names and even the email of one of the members to send a virtual copy their way.

Fast forward a few months to just around a week ago, I was contacted by the band asking if they could get a print of the drawing for one of their members who was retiring.  Typically the retiree is given a photo that they all sign, but instead they wanted to get my artwork as a their parting gift.

I’m honored that I get to be a part of capping off a service members career.  Congrats to MUCM David Hanner on a well deserved retirement, best of luck in your future endeavors!


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