Blue – Graphite on bristol.  11″x14″

I thought I’d post this here as a bit of a palette cleanser after all of the really heavy and serious work I’ve been putting up lately.  This is part of a bigger project that I’m developing but for now it’s simply a pretty blue pitbull  drawing!

I have a beauty of a pit in my life and have had them as companions in my life since I was a little guy.  They’re wonderful animals and can be our best friend in the world.  My support for this breed is boundless and it pains me to see them as media scapegoats and targets.  This happens to any breed that catches spotlight because a group uses their trust improperly.  It happened with German Shepherds during the civil rights, it happened with Dobermans and Rototillers and it’s happening to Pitbulls.

Ok, so maybe I got a little heavy.  But I love them and there will always be a pit in my life from now until I die.  That much I can promise.


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