K is for Kiowa.


K is for Kiowa – 11″x14″ Graphite on Bristol

Trying to work my way through these images on a schedule that will help me along and motivate me. Originally I was going to work up S, but ran into some issues with creating a composition for the type of unit I had chosen, so instead I moved to this. After only a few quick sketches I had an image I liked and ran with it.

Kiowa Warrior helicopters are one of the less known pieces of equipment in the Army arsenal. Intended as a reconnaissance platform they are also pressed into many different attack roles which they are equally suited thanks to a variety of weapons that can be mounted to the pylons on either side.

They are quick, nimble and effective. And thankfully for the sake of this drawing, striking in profile thanks to that optics suite in the form of a ball above the rotors. I’d love to get a chance to ride in one someday. Any pilots out there want to hook a brother up?

Prints Available on Society6


8 thoughts on “K is for Kiowa.

    • Thanks Ro, it’s always a struggle to make certain there is something more within the drawing, something real that is part of the experience, the shared reality of military life and warfare. All that while being essentially a “This thing is awesome!” image. I’m glad it comes across.

      I have a list of equipment that’s sort of a working/running list of things that come to mind, but if you’ve got a suggestion, fire away!

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