MRAP – 11×14 Graphite on Bristol

In 2004-05 I found myself running route reconnaissance for a year in Baghdad, Iraq. My vehicle? A kit-bashed Humvee armored with metal plating that was fitted as needed by unit mechanics in country. This led to a variety of injuries as we struggled to keep up with developing threats. When the MRAP was introduced long after my tour was over, I saw it as the culmination of years of trial and error to meet and beat the threats at hand for our soldiers and marines.

These vehicles are behemoths in the war against IED’s and mines. Shaped hulls deflect much of the blast and thick plating much of the rest. The protection they offer is unmatched by anything but actual armored personnel carriers and tanks while allowing for the urban mobility of a truck. There are a variety of MRAP types deployed, and they will continue to evolve as new threats are met head-on by our service members.

Prints Available on Society6


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