ShipwreckWEBBlankShipwreck – 20″x15″ Ink and Digital Colors

Prints Available

I’m working on a set of travel posters for Topsail Island, NC and the imagery is all worked out and ready to go, I just need to get the header text sorted a little more and they’ll be done.

This is the first of the two focusing on the amazing amount of shipwrecks off the coast of North Carolina.  It’s a scuba dream and something I really want to see myself.  I’ve never actually gone scuba diving but I fully intend on trying to get out into the water this summer.

This style is a bit of an evolution and is still coming together, it’s obviously influenced by comic books but I want to still try and keep some of the line quality I’ve been working with in my military drawings.  This piece made use of Sharpie Pen and a little Pentel Brush Pen to give a little weight where it needed it.  I’ve colored this piece entirely digitally and even edited some of the line-work to fade back and give more depth.

All in all a successful exercise in a newish direction for me and one I’m going to keep playing in.


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