Red – Ink and Digital

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Continuing the story of our heroine as she seeks to discover the truth behind her grandmothers sudden disappearance sees her finding freedom amongst the wire.  Her trusty Hunstman Arms Co. assault rifle slung low at her back and the and her gaffs dug deep she cuts directly into the line in an effort to throw her pursuers.

I’ve wanted to work on a power lines image for a while and this story gave me the perfect chance to do just that.  Creating a forest of lines amongst the buildings below was a fun way to cut apart the space into sections while allowing it to feel airy and free.  The color was chosen for mood as much as it’s ability to create a little more space behind the figure.

Freedom is in the wire.


One thought on “Red

  1. I really love this one; I have a thing for the stark beauty of all those wires and what they stand for, what they make possible.

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