Fast Rope


Fast Rope – Graphite on Bristol

Prints Available

Be it Air Assault, Rangers, Special Forces, Force Recon or other, fast roping into the fight seems to be a favored method of troop delivery amongst many groups in the military.  It’s quick, it’s accurate and effective.  It also gives the troops on the group quick egress as well once the mission is complete.  The downsides well noted as well.  With visceral reminders like the Battle of Mogadishu etched into the consciousness of anyone who sees a helo flying too low and slow.

The base drawing for this was done some time ago with the Force Recon drawing, but I felt a need to distill it even further soon after it was finished but didn’t have time to really ensure it was completely ready for print.  The above was an exercise in working on my line quality in a digital medium and I found a new interest in working on the Wacom Cintiq that carried me through the rest of my courses at MICA because of this one piece.  I was able to clean specific areas and even create new lines that fit the original pencils perfectly.



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