Martinez – 10″x8″ Graphite on Bristol

A good friend of mine from the Army has been extremely supportive of my work the past year, picking up prints and generally letting me know how much he appreciates what I’m doing.  Recently he commissioned me to do a few drawings for him from his time overseas, this piece is the first of two that he wants done.

The drawing came together well and gave me an excuse to try laying out scene a full scene within the bounding box instead of floating across the page like in my other military work.  The main reason being I didn’t want the figure to simply fade off into nothing.  I’ve used it effectively in the past but I didn’t want this pose to lose any of its strength by distracting the viewer from the action involved.  Unfortunately the background was washed out almost entirely in this scan, but there is in fact a light hillside in the far background.  If you tilt your monitor up you can just make it out enough to get what I’m talking about!  It would likely show in a print, but those sort of extra light details don’t quite show when on the monitor.


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