War Decor


You can’t go far into a Bed Bath and Beyond, a consignment shop or anywhere on Pinterest without seeing them.  Homely saying based around love, life and happiness for the domestic setting.  They’re simple, direct and strangely compelling to look at.  Over the last few months I’ve had an idea brewing for a different breed of word based decor, a design project for the military household and for the service member.  Something I’ve come to call “War Decor”.

5596253_6257446-plwfr2_bFeeling emboldened by my Deployed series pillows, I’ve been looking for a new direction to move with decorations.  As a result I’ve been putting together a collection of prints, shirts and pillows that draws from mottos, sayings, unit slogans and quips from everyday military life.

5634676_9308880-tsrmw127_bWith so many units and sayings to draw from, this series is only getting started.  At the moment, the focus is Army and Marines, but I’m fully intending to dive into Navy and Air Force in the near future as well (my Wife being Navy and my brother in law being Air Force!).  But even the military historian/enthusiast will be able to find a little something in this collection as I have been diving into US military history with famous quotes from leaders like General Patton and Major Winters.

5599248_2831809-frm118bl01_bI’m really excited to have this project up and running, and can’t wait to see where it goes from here.  Be sure to head over to the shop on society6 and check out the rest of the work posted there!  In the mean time, I’ll be knee deep into collecting more sayings and mottos for future designs!  If you have suggestions, be sure to leave a comment or shoot me an email!


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