C-RAM – 14″x11″ Graphite

Prints Available on Society6

The C-RAM is another piece of equipment that with hindsight we would have loved to have on the FOB while I was deployed.  The Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar systems are currently seeing work in Afghanistan and are essentially bullet force fields!  They’re based around the Phalanx weapon system used by the CIWS on Navy ships, strapped to a trailer bed and rigged power supplies.

For the piece I wanted to test how this style could work against a bordered edge.  I pushed the subject so that it was cropped by the page, allowing me a more dramatic composition for the system.  As you might have seen with past pieces, I’ve tried to keep the subject contained within the borders, with any fade away happening with background elements.  Here I’ve proven to myself that I can still make it feel a part of the series while also giving myself some leeway into a variety of page set ups.


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