Baby Sea Turtle


Baby Sea Turtle – Acrylic on canvas board.

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I’ve seen a local event at one of the shops called a ‘Paint and Drink’ or something along those lines, and for a while I’ve considered taking my wife out for one.  In the end I decided why couldn’t I just sit at home with her and do the same thing!  I have all of the equipment and supplies we could ever need so it only makes sense to throw some music and wine into the mix.

It was fun to teach her some techniques for painting and get her to actually make something with me that doesn’t involve digging around in the yard!  She did most of the initial drawing work and then handed the brush off when she felt the need to take a break (she is a self-professed perfectionist) and I would dig in with carving the painting out and trying my best to explain what I was doing at the same time.  Apparently I did a good enough job because she’s looking forward to the next one!


Grandma, 24″x18″ Spray Paint and Acrylic on Canvas

Hot west Texas days created the perfect backdrop to meet this amazing and warmhearted woman.  My wife’s grandmother has had a lasting effect over the years on me.  It was hard to see her go and it still resonates through to today.

As a way to break free from typical conventional approaches I use, this piece was done almost exclusively with spray paint, save for the white which was acrylic paint.

The warmth surrounding her, the backdrop falling away into simple lines and flicks of color.  You can’t really see past her and what you can doesn’t seem to come into focus with her in your view.