Light Fighters – 14×11″ Graphite on Bristol

Prints available here.

Light is a relative term in the world of ‘Light Infantry’.  They live and die by what they carry.  Every ounce is considered.  Every meal, change of socks, and baby wipe a measured dance between comfort, longevity, and necessity.  Mission dictates, but sometimes the mission can change.  The troops on the ground having to make due with what they have, or what can be dropped in for them.

I’m really excited to have this piece finished at last.  It’s been on the back burner for a long time and it was just great to have a little time to continue to explore this series further.

O is for Osprey


O is for Osprey – 11″x14″ Graphite on Bristol

The V-22 Osprey was one of those amazing innovations that I found myself waiting and hoping to see overcome the hurdles that plagued it for so long. Thankfully these hold ups were worked out, but not without a cost. The end result was an aircraft that was as visually striking as it is functional and adaptable. Giving the USMC a piece of equipment that will carry them well into the coming decades. With it’s vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) ability of this plane, the Marines riding into the battlespace will always be exactly where they need to be when they need to be there. Speed and precision is the name of the game for modern warfare and the Osprey is a shining example them both.

Prints Available on Society6