An Oil Painting of Clowns Storming Normandy Beach


‘An Oil Painting of Clowns Storming Normandy Beach’
Sometimes you get a commission request that you just can’t refuse, no matter how outlandish it might be. That was the case with this piece.

I was contacted by the wife of a brother from my old Iraq unit one day asking if I would be interested in doing a painting commission for her. Of course I was interested in the work, and even more so because of who it was for. When I heard the subject I was a little thrown. ‘An oil painting of Clowns storming Normandy beach’ had me furrowing my brow a little to figure out the significance. Then she told me the story of him hearing the phrase after watching an April Fools video gag of guys asking for fake items at a department store, and how he laughed and talked about it for days and weeks after. She said she just wanted to hear him laugh like that again after a really rough year. I was all smiles after that.

So regardless of my own misgivings about clowns (THEY’RE TERRIFYING), I set to work. She wasn’t expecting to have the piece until sometime this year, but I was able to knuckle down and get the painting off in time for Christmas morning when he received it.

A lot of work, a lot of hours, and a probably a few nightmares, but it was all for a smile.

Baby Sea Turtle


Baby Sea Turtle – Acrylic on canvas board.

Prints Available

I’ve seen a local event at one of the shops called a ‘Paint and Drink’ or something along those lines, and for a while I’ve considered taking my wife out for one.  In the end I decided why couldn’t I just sit at home with her and do the same thing!  I have all of the equipment and supplies we could ever need so it only makes sense to throw some music and wine into the mix.

It was fun to teach her some techniques for painting and get her to actually make something with me that doesn’t involve digging around in the yard!  She did most of the initial drawing work and then handed the brush off when she felt the need to take a break (she is a self-professed perfectionist) and I would dig in with carving the painting out and trying my best to explain what I was doing at the same time.  Apparently I did a good enough job because she’s looking forward to the next one!

Sea Turtle Poster

TurtleWEBBlankSea Turtle – 20″x15″ Ink and Digital

Prints Available

In continuation of the Topsail Island poster set, I present to you a Sea Turtle! I can’t help but make sea turtle based artwork a lot, it’s my wife’s favorite ocean animal of all time it would seem.  Ever since we went to the Sea Turtle Hospital on Topsail Island, our home has been covered in sea turtle trinkets and decorations!

This piece made use of the Pentel Brush Pen almost exclusively.  There might have been a few spots where I touched up some finer detail with the sharpie pen but for he most part I went with heavier lines.  Again, this piece was colored digitally and the linework edited in photoshop to give some sense of depth.

This set has also made me love working on a Wacom Cintiq which is an expensive taste to have…