Penn Station, Baltimore

Spent a day at Penn Station in Baltimore last Friday drawing the constantly shifting and changing crowd and staff.  It’s fun to try and catch a likeness in a matter of minutes or in some cases seconds.  This is the start of a new sketchbook and a break from the white paper sketchbooks from the past.  I’ve done toned paper work before and loved to work that way so this change isn’t completely new to me.  Continue reading

Occupy Baltimore

14″x11″ Pentel Brush Pen on drawing paper

Another day, another locale.  In this case, an old locale with a new purpose.  Just at the corner of the Inner Harbor in Baltimore is a rag tag collection of tents, tarps and signs denoting the ongoing protests of Occupy Baltimore. It’s small, but it’s there, and the people holding up in the cold winds intend to continue this show of dissent.

The real importance are the people down there that really believe in what they’re doing.  They are real people with names and faces and families.  To that end, I give you Vince:

11″x14″ Compressed charcoal on drawing paper

Vince has a job.  Vince has a wife with a job.  It’s not enough and he’s out on the corner to say something about it.  There he hopes someone will take notice.

Fells Point

A day on by the harbor is always a good time.  I don’t think I can remember a day I haven’t enjoyed just being near the water.  It’s not the beach, but it’s a welcome change from the crushing weight of the city and roads.  The water lapping against the hulls and wharf it makes for a calming soundtrack while putting a little charcoal to some paper.

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