Brothers Keeper


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This saying may have it’s roots grounded in religious texts, but it’s also a feeling that every soldier, marine, sailor and airmen that’s found themselves in combat know well. That willingness to do anything and everything for the man or woman at your side in their time of need. It’s not about bravery or heroism. It’s not about politics or country or even defeating the enemy. It’s about family. You take care of your own, and you’ll do anything for them.

Combat Medic


Combat Medic – Prints Available

The men and women I’ve known as my medics have left lasting imprints on my life. They took care of me in my time of need and they fought side by side with us in the thick of it. It’s up to these soldiers to keep the wounded clinging to life, and thankfully our docs were up to the challenge time and time again. Caring for any who found themselves on the unlucky side of an IED, RPG or a bullet, they were always up to the task.

Dedicated to Doc Chase, Doc Torres, and Doc Collins.