Sinners and Saints

17097764_10212308857101437_1512718257048184834_o‘Saint: A dead sinner revised and edited’

Sometimes you get to try some new thoughts out with a new shirt. This new one for Ranger Up was a different approach for me. Taking a type driven design based around a saying and building it into a design is always tough. But sometimes you see the right inspiration here and there, find bits and pieces that make sense. And build something new with the parts. Sinners and Saints comes from the idea that you can be both in your lifetime. When you are military, you’re essentially both at the same time. A savior to some and a sinner while you perform the action necessary. There’s something nice and old school about this one. The typeface, the scroll work and small additions. I’m looking forward to rocking it.

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To Kimi, Until we meet on the fields of Elysium.

One of the biggest reasons I love gaming of all types is the way it brings people together.  I’ve met so many amazing people by simply being interested in a certain video game, or a tabletop game, or even a collectible card game.  Some of the most lasting friendships I have were forged through those shared passions.  You can learn a lot about the kind of person behind the keyboard or on the other side of the table in such a short time.  A lot of it is in their play style and how they react to a challenging situation (or an overwhelming victory).  

Recently I started playing World of Warcraft again to get a little more online hang out time with some real life friends that are more than a little scattered across the country.  In no time I was meeting a ton of new players from the guild and getting to know each of them through chat or over the headset.  

When news that our guildie Kimilyn had passed away broke, I felt compelled to make something to honor a fellow gamer whose own passion for the game and specifically the PVP aspects of it drove me to play a little harder when I was lucky enough to step into a battleground with her.  She was kind, caring, fun, and utterly ruthless on the field of battle.  

Kimilyn’s guild note says it all: “PVP.thats it.PVP.nothing else”

Goliath – Gargoyles


Goliath – 11×17 Digital

In a fun effort to keep myself working on new techniques and experimenting with styling, I’ve been working on helping a small fan art group get off the ground.  The idea is simple:  create fun and interesting fan art pieces as a group.  It’s slow going so far, but I’m having a good time just getting a chance at some neat character designs and image making ideas!

I haven’t quite finished my first entry yet (Metalhead from TMNT that still needs a background), but this drawing of Goliath from Gargoyles came together nicely.  Gargoyles wasn’t the biggest cartoon on my radar as a kid, but it was there, and I remember watching it a lot.  Plus the characters from it are so varied and different that it was hard to say no to making it an option for my choice of subject matter!

For those interested, here’s a process gif of the image!