Inner Workings



“Inner Workings”
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I’ve been mulling over ideas for a more editorial styled piece for a while now and over the last few days, the idea and this drawing really came together. There were a lot of in the moment decisions made along the way for this one and I’m really happy with how they played in the drawing.

I didn’t do a sketch for this piece, just jumped in with what I had in my head and got to work. I don’t usually do that for even the simplest of drawings. Thankfully the drawing seemed to just work with me this time out!



Unraveling – Spot illustration;  Graphite and digital

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I created this piece as a spot illustration assignment for an article on the new push to fully map the entirety of the human brain.  I went through a few other ideas to final illustration to before getting here and this ended up being the one piece I was most happy with out of that set.

Brain issues are always of interest to me, with so many veterans suffering from debilitating emotional distress and disorders, this image hits home further than just the article.  It’s a gnarled mess that is nearly impossible to untangle and make sense of.  The focus of which will be slowly unraveling the complexities one by one until we’ve finally built up our understanding enough to have a full view of just how it’s all put together.

Capitol Industry


Capitol Industry – 11″x14″ Graphite on Bristol with Digital Editing and Color

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This assignment came down from a real client with a very disjointed explanation of the needs of the piece.  In all the article/magazine/whatever they are planning to use for it seemed very focused on the addition of cuts to clean air and water acts to non-environmentally focused bills in congress.

From those emails I really felt a draw to explaining the congressional machine as part of the problem.  In that a very doom and gloom feel came to me and came out on the page.

I really hope this piece is chosen for print, but mostly because I’m very confident in the strength of it and the clarity of message.