Deathstar and New Web Shop


They Came From the Death Star – Prints available

I’ve posted that piece before but I’ve gone back in on a few spots that had been bugging me since I posted it.  The brain and a few other spots were reworked and cleaned up.  The reason was so that I could add it to the new much more random web shop I’ve set up for one off things like this!

You can find the new web shop here at AProvost on

The new shop is separate from the military one but only so that the Deployed project can have it’s own web store.

So from now on if you see anything you like just let me know and I’ll get it loaded up to the new web shop!

Flailing, he fell back in fear.

Continuing the series of monster themed thief illustrations, the latest piece pushes the story and composition in a new direction.  The original idea hit me near instantly when I decided to continue with this series and from there it was a matter of getting the composition an details down.  I had considered myself solid after the first sketch but quickly found out otherwise when I sat down to really think about the final look of the piece.

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With a Mournful Howl, It Pursued.

This piece was a continuation of the work I did for my ‘It’s behind you!’ illustration.  After getting reactions for that piece, I knew that I wanted to continue working in a more narrative and stylized fashion and to keep this character going.  The entire set up allowed me to play in a medium and manner that I’m not accustomed to and keeps things enjoyable and fun.

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