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So, it’s been some time since I last posted here.  In January, I started working full time at Ranger Up!  Since getting the job I’ve been setting up my new life in a new city and getting myself through a probationary status with the company to a full designer status.  It’s been hectic and a little stressful at times but it’s been some of the most rewarding work I’ve done since I was in the military.  Converting my ambition to work as an artist full time was daunting, even terrifying at times.  I felt like it might never happen and I’d just end up having to abandon it all together in exchange for a little stability.


With the new job comes a lot of new art.  Some I can share here, others that will be filed away for the future.


I’ve been lucky enough to see my work go from a design meeting concept to final design to printed shirts and products.  Seeing stacks upon stacks of shirts with my design on them go out the door to people.  Even seeing fans getting them as tattoos!


Last year, I wouldn’t have thought it possible that I would be here, in a place like this, working in the field I’ve loved so much. Back then it was just a dream to be considered as I struggled to make heads or tails of what it was I was trying to accomplish with my life again. I’ve sacrificed so much to get to this point, that some days I need to remind myself what it was all for. Every day I sit behind my desk, I can’t help but feel pride in what I’ve accomplished in the face of so many obstacles. There is still so much more to achieve. More goals I want to meet. The bigger picture is finally clearer than it’s ever been.


Brothers Keeper


brotherskeeperwebPrints Available – Free Shipping for a Limited Time.

This saying may have it’s roots grounded in religious texts, but it’s also a feeling that every soldier, marine, sailor and airmen that’s found themselves in combat know well. That willingness to do anything and everything for the man or woman at your side in their time of need. It’s not about bravery or heroism. It’s not about politics or country or even defeating the enemy. It’s about family. You take care of your own, and you’ll do anything for them.

Alaska’s Healing Hearts T-Shirt


Alaska’s Healing Hearts is running a Teespring selling this shirt for a limited run! Get yours here:


The design was a fun change of pace and gave me a chance to stretch my legs and push this style of illustrating/designing a little more. I drew the original in black and white and then converted the entire thing over to just white for the shirt. It was a fun challenge to get the depth and distinct shapes I needed/wanted out of the drawing while making it work in a single white tone on a color background. In the end I’m extremely happy with how it all came together.

Support this fundraiser and support this group! And if you order one, I definitely want to see some photos of people repping my work!

1, 2, Many: Veteran Suicide – Kickstarter


I watch a lot of Kickstarters go up, mostly in one of the various gaming industries, some in product design or even art projects that require a little extra funding to see their work realized more fully. This one hits home a lot more than all of those.

Tim ‘Lawdog’ Lawson of the Veteran Empire Podcast is tackling one of the toughest subjects of the vet community in recent years: Veteran Suicide.

22 Veterans commit suicide EVERY SINGLE DAY. The “1, 2, Many” project aims to get deeper than the superficial stats and get to the people affected by this tragic reality. In order to better understand what is happening to our community, Tim is interviewing vets who have survived the struggle with suicide, the families of those vets who have lost their fight, and professionals from around the country.

Head over to the ‘1, 2, Many: Veteran Suicide’ Kickstarter page and read more about this important project and, if you can, Donate.

And please share this to as many people as you can. This one’s important.

Logo by Sean Roirdan

New Merch and Free Shipping!



Just want to give folks a heads up on the current free shipping promo and highlight a few of the more ‘moto/hooah’ products in the shop, not to mention the addition of wall clocks to the shop line up!

It’s always cool to see Society6 adding new products, the mugs have been my favorite so far, but wall clocks are another great ‘office hooah’ product.  Looking forward to seeing what they release next!

The free shipping promo ends Feb 9th at Midnight Pacific!  Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Throw Pillows with insert.

Combat Diver



Combat Diver – Graphite on Bristol
Prints Available!

For the longest time I only associated this sort of thing with Navy Seals. It wasn’t until I started getting familiar with the Marine Recon and MARSOC community that I began to see how much bigger the combat diver community was than those few pictures of Seals everyone knows.

I’ve actually had this drawing in my head for a while now, I just couldn’t get to it until now. The figures floating but grounded by the water reflections and letting the viewers imagination fill in the rest.



C-RAM – 14″x11″ Graphite

Prints Available on Society6

The C-RAM is another piece of equipment that with hindsight we would have loved to have on the FOB while I was deployed.  The Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar systems are currently seeing work in Afghanistan and are essentially bullet force fields!  They’re based around the Phalanx weapon system used by the CIWS on Navy ships, strapped to a trailer bed and rigged power supplies.

For the piece I wanted to test how this style could work against a bordered edge.  I pushed the subject so that it was cropped by the page, allowing me a more dramatic composition for the system.  As you might have seen with past pieces, I’ve tried to keep the subject contained within the borders, with any fade away happening with background elements.  Here I’ve proven to myself that I can still make it feel a part of the series while also giving myself some leeway into a variety of page set ups.