Nurse and SWAT


Soon after finishing my Nurse and Firefighter piece, I was contacted about doing a similar piece, but this time with a SWAT/Police theme.  The client had seen the piece Nursing/Fire piece in person and loved it so much she wanted to get something similar done.

I had some fun laying in color here. It’s never any less stressful laying watercolor into a finished drawing. Just have to hold your breath and hope the dog doesn’t hit your elbow…

Firefighter and Nurse


14″x11″ Graphite and Watercolor on Bristol

This piece was a commission for a friend from the Fire Department I used to work at.  The concept was simple enough, his helmet and his wife’s nursing hat on a page.  Simplicity in concept gave me a chance to think about how to finally bring a little bit of color into my work and with this piece there were perfect places for it!  Red is a prominent color for both professions and it sparked the idea to introduce it using watercolor over the graphite.

I have to admit I was hesitant to put the brush to the page without having scanned it first…but I’m extremely happy with the results and will be trying to do similar in the future.

Walter Reed – Collected Images

Recently I spent a few days at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as the start of what I hope will be a continuing project.  I’m going to be continually profiling the military life through images and possibly even start doing some casual interviews/talks with people.  The idea here is to give a behind the scenes look at a place many don’t get to see and show it through my own eyes and hands. Continue reading