Infantry Notebook


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I’ve always had an affinity for the world of the infantry, I worked alongside them a lot as a forward observer and had to train in many of the same proficiencies when down on the line. Be it 11B or 0311, the infantry of the US Army and the USMC are some of the most highly skilled combat forces in the history of warfare. They are men I’ve been proud to serve alongside.

Be it light, airborne, air assault or mech, they find a way to adapt to the situation and overcome it. There is no substitute when the bullets start to fly for a soldier or marine at your side whose sole job is to carry their rifle and put rounds on target.

“Follow Me!”

Treadswift Tactical Shirt/Print


Recon On – Treadswift Series – Graphite/Digital

I was commissioned recently by Treadswift Tactical to do a t-shirt design for them. They’re looking to do a line of moto shirts and happened upon my postcard at The Safe House in Sneads Ferry, NC. It was great working with David on this first piece, it gave me a good chance to figure out my workflow when a client is more linked in with the process and was a good chance to try a few things with my military work that I haven’t had a chance to mess with.


The final result for this will be a blue/grey finish on a sand colored t-shirt with their logo on the front, flags on the sleeves and my design on the back. I can’t wait to see the shirts in the flesh sometime soon! The final art will also be sold as fine art prints. Both of which I’ll announce here as soon as they’re available!