Brothers Keeper


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This saying may have it’s roots grounded in religious texts, but it’s also a feeling that every soldier, marine, sailor and airmen that’s found themselves in combat know well. That willingness to do anything and everything for the man or woman at your side in their time of need. It’s not about bravery or heroism. It’s not about politics or country or even defeating the enemy. It’s about family. You take care of your own, and you’ll do anything for them.

Deathstar and New Web Shop


They Came From the Death Star – Prints available

I’ve posted that piece before but I’ve gone back in on a few spots that had been bugging me since I posted it.  The brain and a few other spots were reworked and cleaned up.  The reason was so that I could add it to the new much more random web shop I’ve set up for one off things like this!

You can find the new web shop here at AProvost on

The new shop is separate from the military one but only so that the Deployed project can have it’s own web store.

So from now on if you see anything you like just let me know and I’ll get it loaded up to the new web shop!

Blade Runner Poster

BladeRunnerWebBlade Runner – 18″x24″ Digital

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I love Blade Runner.  It’s actually a shame it’s not in my movie collection yet.  I’ll have to remedy that in the near future and see if I can’t grab it on blu-ray.  The gritty atmosphere, the details and Scott’s ability to create a world you can almost smell are all on show here.  If you haven’t seen this one, you’re missing out.

In an effort to push my limits a bit more in the digital realm, this piece was done entirely in the computer.  I had a rough sketch I worked out in my book but from there I worked exclusively in photoshop.  I really wanted to push myself on detailing an environment as well.  The city is such a huge character in the movie and gives just as much to the narrative as the actors.  The color scheme is worked from a base CMYK set up and this was actually created with cmyk layers for screen printing.  I’ll likely never work that way again, it’s just so much hassle to set everything just right, but it did teach me a lot as much as I hated it.

Sea Turtle Poster

TurtleWEBBlankSea Turtle – 20″x15″ Ink and Digital

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In continuation of the Topsail Island poster set, I present to you a Sea Turtle! I can’t help but make sea turtle based artwork a lot, it’s my wife’s favorite ocean animal of all time it would seem.  Ever since we went to the Sea Turtle Hospital on Topsail Island, our home has been covered in sea turtle trinkets and decorations!

This piece made use of the Pentel Brush Pen almost exclusively.  There might have been a few spots where I touched up some finer detail with the sharpie pen but for he most part I went with heavier lines.  Again, this piece was colored digitally and the linework edited in photoshop to give some sense of depth.

This set has also made me love working on a Wacom Cintiq which is an expensive taste to have…


ShipwreckWEBBlankShipwreck – 20″x15″ Ink and Digital Colors

Prints Available

I’m working on a set of travel posters for Topsail Island, NC and the imagery is all worked out and ready to go, I just need to get the header text sorted a little more and they’ll be done.

This is the first of the two focusing on the amazing amount of shipwrecks off the coast of North Carolina.  It’s a scuba dream and something I really want to see myself.  I’ve never actually gone scuba diving but I fully intend on trying to get out into the water this summer.

This style is a bit of an evolution and is still coming together, it’s obviously influenced by comic books but I want to still try and keep some of the line quality I’ve been working with in my military drawings.  This piece made use of Sharpie Pen and a little Pentel Brush Pen to give a little weight where it needed it.  I’ve colored this piece entirely digitally and even edited some of the line-work to fade back and give more depth.

All in all a successful exercise in a newish direction for me and one I’m going to keep playing in.

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

I can’t remember if I’ve ever been to a true zoo at any point in my childhood.  So the trip our group took to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore was a pleasant surprise!  The idea was to go in, get a bunch of useful drawings and use those to produce a poster design for the zoo.  With that in mind I knew the animals would be the key and that environment would be less important.  Strong and complete looking drawings would allow me the most flexibility in creating something striking and simple.  I also knew I wanted to play up the strengths of my sketchbooks paper this time out.

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They Came From The Death Star

They Came From The Death Star – Ink on Illustration board 11″x17″ Lettering in Photoshop CS4

When I strolled into class to present my Author Portrait, I had no idea exactly what was coming down the project pipeline and was still reveling in the post project euphoria that seems to wash over me and calming my brain, allowing me to relax and think of other things for the briefest of stints.  Then, Deanna broke the news, STAR WARS HALLOWEEN POSTER.

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