Three Pups Commission


I’ve been struck down by a bit of technology issues lately. But it hasn’t kept me from working!

This drawing was commissioned by my geology professor as a Christmas gift for his wife. It’s of their three dogs one of whom is a recent rescue.

I always like hearing about successful adoption/rescues and it really helped keep me motivated on the drawing. The story behind a given commission is alway interesting and it’s one of the best parts of getting work like this.

The drawing was done primarily with mechanical pencil with a little touch up using an 8B. The bar across the background was an element I found useful in giving the dogs a little more pop off the page since they are done so softly, especially along some of the lighter fur lines. I have to thank one of my former classmates for the idea having shown me the work of Sergio Toppi some months back. The strong graphic shape also helped to solidify the composition on the page as well.

Expect more of the holiday work in the coming weeks!