Deathstar and New Web Shop


They Came From the Death Star – Prints available

I’ve posted that piece before but I’ve gone back in on a few spots that had been bugging me since I posted it.  The brain and a few other spots were reworked and cleaned up.  The reason was so that I could add it to the new much more random web shop I’ve set up for one off things like this!

You can find the new web shop here at AProvost on

The new shop is separate from the military one but only so that the Deployed project can have it’s own web store.

So from now on if you see anything you like just let me know and I’ll get it loaded up to the new web shop!

They Came From The Death Star

They Came From The Death Star – Ink on Illustration board 11″x17″ Lettering in Photoshop CS4

When I strolled into class to present my Author Portrait, I had no idea exactly what was coming down the project pipeline and was still reveling in the post project euphoria that seems to wash over me and calming my brain, allowing me to relax and think of other things for the briefest of stints.  Then, Deanna broke the news, STAR WARS HALLOWEEN POSTER.

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