Brothers Keeper


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This saying may have it’s roots grounded in religious texts, but it’s also a feeling that every soldier, marine, sailor and airmen that’s found themselves in combat know well. That willingness to do anything and everything for the man or woman at your side in their time of need. It’s not about bravery or heroism. It’s not about politics or country or even defeating the enemy. It’s about family. You take care of your own, and you’ll do anything for them.

Drill Sergeant Badge


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After the recruiter badge work, I definitely feel I want to keep working on a variety of badges and insignias.  In that effort I knew I had to get a drill sergeant badge drawn up sooner than later.  With so many of my friends and former unit mates having done their time on the trail, I had to.

I also worked up a version with cross cannons behind the badge that you can find here.  I would like to do the same for every branch, but I need to draw their insignias first!