ODIN 3-1

FinalDrawingWebODIN 3-1  –   14″x11″ Graphite on Bristol

I’m really quite happy with this piece. I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me when I first received the commission, and I was right.  This piece took a LOT of reference and research time to get things sorted for each figure and weapon type. Honestly, the weapons probably took the most time to do out of everything. I think I spent a cool hour and a half+ on the M240B alone. Lots of bouncing between reference material and looking up new details on the fly while I drew it.  That’s one of the downsides to doing military illustrations, if you’re not careful, it’s all wrong!

The final drawing has names and the squad designation as well. But for the preview I’ve left them off. Never know who’s still out in harms way!

Swift. Silent. Deadly.

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Combat Diver



Combat Diver – Graphite on Bristol
Prints Available!

For the longest time I only associated this sort of thing with Navy Seals. It wasn’t until I started getting familiar with the Marine Recon and MARSOC community that I began to see how much bigger the combat diver community was than those few pictures of Seals everyone knows.

I’ve actually had this drawing in my head for a while now, I just couldn’t get to it until now. The figures floating but grounded by the water reflections and letting the viewers imagination fill in the rest.

Treadswift Tactical Shirt/Print


Recon On – Treadswift Series – Graphite/Digital

I was commissioned recently by Treadswift Tactical to do a t-shirt design for them. They’re looking to do a line of moto shirts and happened upon my postcard at The Safe House in Sneads Ferry, NC. It was great working with David on this first piece, it gave me a good chance to figure out my workflow when a client is more linked in with the process and was a good chance to try a few things with my military work that I haven’t had a chance to mess with.


The final result for this will be a blue/grey finish on a sand colored t-shirt with their logo on the front, flags on the sleeves and my design on the back. I can’t wait to see the shirts in the flesh sometime soon! The final art will also be sold as fine art prints. Both of which I’ll announce here as soon as they’re available!

K is for Kiowa.


K is for Kiowa – 11″x14″ Graphite on Bristol

Trying to work my way through these images on a schedule that will help me along and motivate me. Originally I was going to work up S, but ran into some issues with creating a composition for the type of unit I had chosen, so instead I moved to this. After only a few quick sketches I had an image I liked and ran with it.

Kiowa Warrior helicopters are one of the less known pieces of equipment in the Army arsenal. Intended as a reconnaissance platform they are also pressed into many different attack roles which they are equally suited thanks to a variety of weapons that can be mounted to the pylons on either side.

They are quick, nimble and effective. And thankfully for the sake of this drawing, striking in profile thanks to that optics suite in the form of a ball above the rotors. I’d love to get a chance to ride in one someday. Any pilots out there want to hook a brother up?

Prints Available on Society6